aLLAH aLLah - ilahi sözleri

2009-01-03 11:52:00

Gelin Allah diyelim,Kalpten pası silelim,Alemler seyredelim,Allah Allah dedikçe. Nerde tevhid çekilir,Melekler saf saf gelir,Hepsi tekbir getirir,Allah Allah dedikçe. Zikri Hakka başlandı,İsm-i Celal hızlandı,Arş-ı A’la sallandı,Allah Allah dedikçe. Gönüller şadan olurKaygudan azad olur,Can mülkü abad olurAllah Allah dedikçe. Gafil olma Naci ya!Hakkı zikret daima,Seni zikreder Hüda,Allah Allah dedikçe. Devamı

ANNEM - ilahi diNle

2009-01-03 11:50:00

Anneler başta taç imişHer dertlere ilaç imişBir evlat bir pir olsa da Annesine muhtaç imişEyle annem eyle annemHakkın helal eyle annemBenim için katlandın senÇok zahmet zorluklaraDokuz ay on gün taşıdınGözüm nuru canım annemBeni emzirip büyüttünGeceni gündüz eyledinKundağıma sardın hergünHakkın helal eyle annemYüce Mevla'nın CennetiAyağının altındadırVer ayağını öpeyimAnnem hakkın helal eyleEmeğin pek çoktur senin Hakkın helal etmezsenMevla Cennetine koymazHakkın helal eyle annem. Devamı

The Cave of Hira - iLahi sözü

2009-01-03 11:49:00

ChorusHayya ibad Allah (Come O servants of Allah)Ahibba Allah (O you who love Allah)Sallu ala an-Nabi (Send salutations to the Prophet)On a clear and moonlit night In the dark cave of HiraA man began to cry Oh Allah show me the light Tell me why I was createdWhere will I go after I die?What’s the purpose of this life Where people murder and lie?How can I stop their corruption?Oh Allah You’re my only Guide.Ya Habibi ya Mustafa (O my beloved O Chosen One)Ya Rasula Allah ya Habiba Allah ya Safiyya Allah (O Messenger of Allah, O Beloved of Allah, O Intimate of Allah)Ya Habibi ya MustafaAnta gharami, dhikruk kalami, kulla ayyami (You are the object of my love, your remembrance are the only words I speak throughout my days)On that clear and blessed nightJibra il came to HiraHe hugged Prophet Muhammad Until he thought he would dieRead O Muhammad read In the name of your Lord By Allah you’ve been chosenOver the whole of mankind You’ve been elevated high Like the moon up in the skyChorusYa Yasin Ya Khalil AllahYa Amin Ya Najiyya AllahYa Makin Ya Shahid AllahYa Mukhtar Ya Hafiyya AllahYa Taha Ya Habiba Allah[All names of the Prophet (pbuh) ]ChorusHe’s a mercy for mankind His speech was gentle and kindHe summoned people to Allah And led them on his pathMankind lived in the darkness Everyone alive was just blind His message brought the light To the hearts that had no sightIn mercy he’s the ocean While others are drops of rain.Ya Habibi ya MustafaYa Rasula Allah ya habiba Allah ya Safiyya AllahYa Habibi ya MustafaAnta gharami, dhikruk kalami, kulla ayyami Forever we’ll be indebtedTo him for this Islam Our life for him we’ll giveHis message with us will liveOur love for him knows no boundsIt is loftier than the cloudsWhenever his name is mentionedOur tears begin to flowOh Allah send your blessingsOn al MustafaYa Habibi ya MustafaAnta gharami, dhikruk kalami, kulla ayyami Ya Habibi ya MustafaYa Rasula Allah ya Habiba Allah ya Safiyya... Devamı

Mother - ilahi sözü

2009-01-03 11:47:00

Blessed is your faceBlessed is your nameMy belovedBlessed is your smileWhich makes my soul want to flyMy belovedAll the nightsAnd all the timesThat you cared for meBut I never realised itAnd now it’s too lateForgive meNow I’m alone filled with so much shameFor all the years I caused you painIf only I could sleep in your arms againMother I’m lost without youYou were the sun that brightened my dayNow who’s going to wipe my tears awayIf only I knew what I know todayMother I’m lost without youUmmahu, ummahu, ya ummiwa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummiUmmuka, ummuka, ummuka ummukaQawlu rasulikaFi qalbi, fi hulumiAnti ma’i ya ummiMother... Mother... O my motherHow I long to see O mother“Your mother, Your mother, Your mother”Is the saying of your ProphetIn my heart, in my dreamsYou are always with me motherRuhti wa taraktiniYa nura ‘aynayyaYa unsa layliRuhti wa taraktiniMan siwaki yahdhununiMan siwaki yasturuniMan siwaki yahrusuni‘Afwaki ummiSamihini...You went and left meO light of my eyesO comfort of my nightsYou went and left meWho, other than you, will embrace me?Who, other than you, will cover me?Who, other than you, will guard over me?Your pardon mother, forgive meSami Yusuf  Devamı

aşk eLinden - ilahi dinLe

2009-01-03 11:46:00

Bilmem NideyimBilmem nideyimAşkın elindenKande gideyimAşkın elindenSallallahu Ala MuhammedSallallahu Aleyke AhmedMeskenim dağlarGözyaşım çağlarDurmaz kan ağlarAşkın elindenSallallahu Ala MuhammedSallallahu Aleyke AhmedVarım vereyimKadre ereyimÜryan olayımAşkın elindenSallallahu Ala MuhammedSallallahu Aleyke AhmedYunus’un sözüKül olmuş özüKağ ağlar gözüAşkın elinden Devamı

allahu - ilahi sözleri

2009-01-03 11:44:00

ChorusAllahu Allahu AllahuAllahu Allahu AllahuTruly He is the One He has no father or sonEverything in creation was by Him begunWith His infinite power anything could be doneAsk Allah for His PardonAnd you’ll enter the GardenChorusBefore Him there were noneOf partners He has noneHe knows what is apparent and what is hiddenAll the fate of creation has already been writtenHis Will is always doneAnd can never be undoneChorusFrom amongst all humansMuhammad was chosenHe was illiterate and he was an orphanYet Allah sent him to those who were pagansOh Allah let us drinkFrom his hand in the fountainChorusYa Allah You’re the SovereignYou’re the Sultan of SultansPlease protect me from Shaytan and all of his treasonLet him not with his whispers my iman ever weakenMy only wish in this lifeIs to attain Your PardonSami Yusuf  Devamı

Al Muallim - iLahi sözleri

2009-01-03 11:41:00

We once had a Teacher The Teacher of teachers,He changed the world for the better And made us better creatures,Oh Allah we’ve shamed ourselvesWe’ve strayed from Al-Mu allim,Surely we’ve wronged ourselvesWhat will we say in front him?Oh Mu allim...Chorus He was Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam,Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,He was Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam,Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,Teacher of all Mankind. Abal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]Ya Habibi ya Muhammad(My beloved O Muhammad)Ya Shafi i ya Muhammad (My intercessor O Muhammad)Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad (The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)Ya Mustafa ya Imamal Mursalina (O Chosen One, O Imam of the Messengers)Ya Mustafa ya Shafi al Alamina(O Chosen One, O intercessor of the worlds)He prayed while others sleptWhile others ate he’d fast,While they would laugh he weptUntil he breathed his last,His only wish was for us to beAmong the ones who prosper,Ya Mu allim peace be upon you,Truly you are our Teacher,Oh Mu allim..ChorusYa Habibi ya Muhammad (My beloved O Muhammad)Ya Shafi i ya Muhammad (My intercessor O Muhammad)Ya Rasuli ya Muhammad (O My Messenger O Muhammad)Ya Bashiri ya Muhammad (O bearer of good news O Muhammad)Ya Nadhiri ya Muhammad (O warner O Muhammad)Ishqu Qalbi ya Muhammad (The love of my heart O Muhammad)Nuru Ayni ya Muhammad (Light of my eye O Muhammad) He taught us to be just and kindAnd to feed the poor and hungry,Help the wayfarer and the orphan childAnd to not be cruel and miserly,His speech was soft and gentle,Like a mother stroking her child,His mercy and compassion, Were most radiant when he smiledChorusAbal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]Ya Habibi ya Muhammad (My beloved O Muhammad)Ya Shafi i ya Muhammad (My intercessor O Muhammad)Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad (The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)Ya Mustafa Ya Imamal Mursalina (O Chosen One O Imam of the Messengers)Ya Mustafa ya Shafi al Alamina(O Chosen One O ... Devamı

iLahiciLernet iLahi

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iLahiciLernet iLahi ***** Arapça

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